Understanding Scope 3 Emissions in Manufacturing

Scope 3 emissions in manufacturing can be the trickiest to understand – but could also represent the greatest opportunity for manufacturers. Especially in the more immediate time frame.   To understand the difference between Scope 3 and the other emissions types, you could think about it like this:  Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions cover everything […]

Understanding Scope 1 and Scope 2 Emissions in Manufacturing

With the advent of the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the EU, manufacturers must begin reporting on different types of emissions from their operations. In fact, manufacturers will have to report on emissions from their upstream suppliers and downstream users too. In all, there are 3 types of carbon emissions that manufacturers will […]

How to Calculate ROI of a Machine Monitoring System

At a high level, calculating ROI of any piece of software or hardware is simple: You measure the cost of the goods and services versus the benefits that they provide. Calculating the ROI of Machine monitoring software follows the same rule. You measure the cost of the software versus the benefits.   For machine monitoring software, […]

How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs with Machine Monitoring

The profitability of manufacturing operations depends heavily on the ability to keep fixed and variable costs to a minimum. How do you reduce costs in manufacturing? Where do you look for cost reduction opportunities?  With a properly integrated machine monitoring system, you can find cost reduction opportunities, and prioritise them using real data.  This article […]

Downtime in Manufacturing: Causes, Costs & How to Reduce

Downtime in manufacturing is an unavoidable reality. Value add operational downtime events such as servicing and tool set ups are inevitable components of the manufacturing process. These are inherent costs associated with manufacturing operations.  Non-value add downtime events however, represent a distinct challenge. As a manufacturer, your primary objective should be to minimize unplanned downtime […]

How to use an Energy Management System to Cut Costs and Win Business

The goal of saving the planet is noble (and necessary).   However, most manufacturers are more immediately concerned with saving money. If you’re looking to save on costs through energy management, ultimately you need to turn energy insights into cost savings.   Below we run through some specific examples of how to drive savings and win more […]

Energy Management Systems – A Complete Guide

Mavarick Energy Management System screenshot

An Energy Management System (EMS) is a set of tools that allow manufacturers to monitor, measure, analyse & control the consumption of energy within their machines, processes, or across the entirety of their site.   Manufacturers use EMS (sometimes referred to as “BEMS”, or Building Energy Management Systems“) to find ways to reduce their overall energy […]