Mavarick and Volkswagen Partner for Energy & Carbon Optimisation Project in Move Towards Sustainable Manufacturing

Dresden, Germany                                                                                                                                                                           4th March 2024

Optimising Efficiency with AI

The collaboration integrates Mavarick’s technology platform with Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH’s existing automated guided vehicles (AGVs) at the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden factory. The project will improve energy efficiency, reduce the plant’s carbon footprint, and extend battery life, marking a significant step in both companies’ commitment to sustainable manufacturing and the environment.

“GoTOZero” Strategy in Action

Dr. Dirk Thieme, Head of New Mobility and Innovations at Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH, emphasises the project’s alignment with Volkswagen’s broader sustainability goals: “We are excited to collaborate as the pilot is planned for impact, rolling it out in factories in Dresden and Zwickau with the vision of implementing it in other plants, supporting the Volkswagen Group’s ‘goTOzero’ strategy for resource optimisation”.

                                                                                             Volkswagen Dresden Factory

Technology Driving Sustainability: Mavarick’s Role

Using Mavarick’s technology platform, including digital twin, edge devices and AI-driven analytics, the project will identify energy-saving and carbon reduction opportunities ready for implementation. By integrating industry standards such as the Asset Administration Shell, the solution aims to be scalable across Volkswagen’s global network, enhancing efficiency and sustainability across its operations.

Mavarick CEO, Dr. Paul Byrnes, highlights the Mavarick AI technology’s potential:

This is a great opportunity and use case for our technology. The goal is simple, to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. We’ll combine our tech to make that happen and we’ll integrate it with the Asset Administration Shell to ensure its interoperable and a success across all plants in the programme.

                                                                                         Energy Optimisation Technology

Collaboration with EIT Manufacturing

The initiative emerged from Mavarick’s active participation in EIT Manufacturing’s European innovation network, showcasing the power of collaborative innovation.

Mavarick Co-founder, Mr. Koen Jasper commented on the programme:

The participation in EIT Manufacturing’s innovation programme has enabled us to apply our technology to tackle the most pressing challenges that face the European manufacturing sector. It’s great that our solutions can be used by global manufacturers to maximise the impact on sustainable manufacturing.

Setting the Standard for Sustainable Manufacturing

With this project, Mavarick and Volkswagen are setting the standard in technology-driven energy optimisation in manufacturing, underscoring their commitment to sustainable manufacturing and the environment. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future together with Volkswagen.