Boost Productivity
with AI Powered Machine Monitoring

What’s the Mavarick Impact?

Increase Productivity

Uncover capacity,
eliminate downtime,
& improve efficiency

Transform Decision Making

Get intelligent insights
into your operations so
you can take action

Improve Your Bottom Line

Increase billing volume
and get more from
current resources

Inaccessible, Siloed, Unactionable Production Data

Enter Mavarick

Production Intelligence

Factory Production Management

Gain complete factory visability
Gain comprehensive visibility into every aspect of your factory's production performance, so you can understand factory, machine and operator efficiency
Establish production trends
Establish baseline performance metrics and identify production trends over time, enabling you to set realistic targets and measure progress
Root cause inefficiencies
Quickly pinpoint the causes of inefficiencies and production disruptions for targeted and timely intervention
Automated decision-making support
Get automated decision-making support through AI-driven recommendations on what you should be doing next

Machine and Asset Monitoring

Access real-time performance
Access live data from the shop floor so you have a clear understanding of current machine and operator performance
Maximise daily productivity
Quickly identify your unused capacity to allocate resources
Stay on target
Stay on track with production targets by closely monitoring progress against what's planned
Take swift action with auto alerts
Become automatically alerted to key production events, taking swift action to exploit opportunities and address issues

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Machine Monitoring in Manfacturing: A Complete Guide

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