Accurately Report
and Manage your
Carbon Emissions

What’s the Mavarick Impact?

Accurately Report Emissions

Overcome the emissions data problem

Transform Decision Making

Get intelligent insights
into reducing your footprint

Meet Your Commitments

Comply with CSRD, customer and stakeholder requirements

Unattainable, Inaccurate, Third Party Carbon Emissions Data

Enter Mavarick

Carbon Emissions Intelligence

Carbon Emissions Reporting

Accurately report all emissions

Track, generate and report all your carbon emissions across your value chain with accurate and transparent data for compliance and auditability

Automatically capture emissions data

Automatically capture scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions data at source to streamline emissions reporting and analysis

Stay on track to meet targets

Proactively manage your carbon footprint with real-time monitoring and reporting, ensuring alignment with organisational sustainability goals and regulatory requirements

Get product line emissions data

Understand the carbon footprint of your individual product lines to meet customer and end consumer demands

Carbon Emissions Managment

Decarbonise your operations

Gain insights into your scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions so you know where to focus when reducing emissions across your value chain

Prioritise reduction opportunities

Highlight emissions hotspots and reduction opportunities so you can prioritise your resources and focus on moving the needle

Build a sustainability culture

Embed sustainability into your company’s day to day, building inhouse knowledge and a sustainability culture to increase future competitiveness

Enhance competitiveness

Demonstrate your ability to manage and transparently communicate carbon emissions with your customers, enabling you to differentiate from those that can't


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