Optimizing Overall Asset and Employee Efficiency

Mavarick Screenshot - optimising overall asset and employee efficiency

In their own words, learn about the fantastic gains one orthopedics manufacturer and their team were able to experience after implementing our tools.


  • Scrap decreased by 18% (> €41k p/a)
  • All operator efficiency up 14 %
  • 39 Hours saved each week (> €32k p/a)
  • Greater team empowerment & ownership
  • Drastically improved customer confidence

What they said

“We can motivate our operators with a real time scoreboard and enable them to be autonomous in addressing small issues before they become big ones – Mavarick has really been a game changer for us over the past 6 months. We can monitor our high value manufacturing assets in real time while also digging into historical data and generated trends for recurring issues”
– Chief Financial Officer

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