Mavarick Screenshot - optimising overall asset and employee efficiency
Using data to drive decisions and optimise asset and employee efficiency

Optimizing Overall Asset and Employee Efficiency

Mavarick’s system increased one orthopedics manufacturers machine output by 14%, reduced their scrap rate and improved employee efficiency, achieving an ROI in just 7 weeks.

Production management and machine monitoring system impact

“We can motivate our operators with a real time scoreboard and enable them to be autonomous in addressing small issues before they become bigger – Mavarick has really been a game changer for us over the past 6 months. We can monitor our high value manufacturing assets in real time while also digging into historical data and generated trends for recurring issues”

Chief Financial Officer

Manufacturer lacked automatic data capture and manufacturing data analytics

This orthopedic manufacturer didn’t know their true manufacturing capacity and didn’t have an accurate picture of their operations. They were using excel and other siloed systems. Their data was manually processed, unreliable and not being used to inform their operations or key decisions.

Both the shopfloor team and the C-suite team were reluctant to introduce a new technology given previous experience of introducing ‘another system’ that could only work with a particular area of the business. They had also looked at extracting data from the machine controller but that option was limited to a sub-set of machines.

Manufacturing job analysis enables data-driven decision making

Despite an experienced team in place, without reliable data across their operations they were unable to benefit from data-driven decision making, and were unable to identify lost billing hours or understand if they were making a profit on each individual job. An essential for success going forward.

Mavarick’s Production management and machine monitoring system

Mavarick’s system was recommended and within a few weeks the teams agreed on system requirements, and what was needed to add value to their specific operations.

The new system included:

Increased machine utilisation by 14%

Machining output baseline was increased by 14%, this was achieved through:

Improved quality and decreased scrap by 18%

Manufacturing quality was improved and scrap and bad quality parts reduced by 18% through:

Automatic data analysis saved 39 hours / week

Costly manual data processing, previously done in part by an operator, supervisor and administrator was cut out with the new automatic data capture, analysis and reporting. No more time required for the team to

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