Reduce Energy Use
with AI Powered
Energy Management

What’s the Mavarick Impact?

Reduce Consumption

Identify energy hotspots & unproductive use


Transform Decision Making

Get intelligent energy forecasts and usage alerts

Improve Your Bottom Line

Cut your energy overheads and avoid costly breakdowns

Inaccessible, Outdated, Disparate Energy Data

Enter Mavarick

Energy Intelligence

Smart Industrial Energy Management

Gain complete energy visability

Get complete visibility into your organisation's energy use, allowing you to track consumption from site level all the way down to an individual asset

Understand energy hotspots

Identify and pinpoint areas of high usage and implement targeted strategies to reduce wastage and lower energy overhead costs

Identify unproductive energy use

Identify energy use from unproductive activity, enabling you to eliminate energy inefficiencies and improve overall resource utilisation

Quantify energy savings potential

Understand the magnitude of potential energy savings that can be made so you can prioritise your next initiative  

AI-Driven Energy Analytics

Get actionable energy insights

Granular data capture and AI analytics drive actionable insights around your energy consumption helping you to manage your use

Forecast energy use

Forecast future energy use with our models, enabling proactive planning, resource allocation and informing commercial decisions

Identify abnormal asset activity

Identify abnormal activity within your assets or systems, enabling early detection of inefficiencies or malfunctions  to prevent costly disruptions and breakdowns

Become alerted to excessive demand

Receive alerts for excessive demand and usage, allowing for immediate intervention to mitigate against additional grid charges


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