Mavarick AI raises €1.3 Million in pre-seed funding to empower sustainable manufacturing through AI, Promising Every Factory an AI Analyst

Limerick, Ireland                                                                                                                                                                                      7th May 2024

Sustainable Manufacturing Gets a €1.3 Million Boost

Mavarick AI, a pioneering start-up dedicated to supporting sustainable manufacturing through cutting-edge AI, has successfully raised €1.3 million in pre-seed funding. The investment round was led by Act VC and supported by a collection of successful founders.

From left to right: Dr Paul Byrnes, Mavarick co-founder and CEO, and Koen Jasper, Mavarick co-founder & COO.

The company is working with VW Group to support its net zero vision and to leverage its innovative AI-powered insights to drive key outputs in efficiency, cost management, and carbon emissions reduction. Harnessing the power of AI, the platform offers manufacturers a comprehensive approach to managing and analysing production and sustainability data. This empowers manufacturers to make informed decisions that prioritise sustainability while enhancing efficiency and driving bottom-line results like a 10%+ energy reduction and 15%+ increase in production.


Unlike traditional manufacturing management systems, which often rely on manual processes and legacy technology, Mavarick AI’s platform represents a paradigm shift in the industry. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to analyse real-time data and drive the greatest value from that data, manufacturers can achieve higher levels of operational excellence – all the while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Act VC Backs Mavarick AI’s Sustainable Manufacturing Mission

Mavarick AI is committed to providing every factory with its own AI Data Analyst through its platform. This AI Data Analyst is specific to the unique factory environment of the customer it was trained in and will empower factories to unlock the full potential of their proprietary data, providing answers to improve efficiency and uncover a clear pathway for manufacturers to balance profitability and sustainability.


Having grown up on the factory floor and developed AI solutions for Apple & IBM, co-founder Dr Paul Byrnes wants to bring the manufacturing industry into the new world of AI first.


We believe that every factory, regardless of size or location, should have access to the transformative power of AI. We want to give every factory an AI Data Analyst trained in that unique environment. We are democratising applied AI and levelling the playing field for sustainable manufacturers around the world.


With the pre-seed funding secured, Mavarick AI is focused on expanding its team, enhancing its platform, and scaling its operations to meet the growing demand for AI-driven manufacturing solutions. The company is actively recruiting talent to join its mission of shaping the future of manufacturing. The company is also working with sustainability leaders in manufacturing MNCs to solve their most painful problems and welcomes new design partners who are thinking about how to achieve net zero manufacturing.


“We are excited to support Mavarick AI in their mission to solve big painful problems for manufacturers around data, efficiency, energy, and carbon emissions,” said Andrew O’Neill Principal at Act VC. “Manufacturing is on the verge of a data-driven revolution but these are complex problems. This team has a unique ability and understanding of these problems and has a chance to build real value for manufacturers.”


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