Mavarick’s energy management system was installed on the shop floor of one manufacturer and was delivering insights within a week. Prior to installation, this manufacturer did not have a true picture of their daily energy consumption or energy spend. Without real-time data on energy consumption, they lacked the visibility to identify inefficient processes or equipment, resulting in higher operational costs. Lack of energy usage information was also hindering their efforts to implement effective energy-saving strategies and meet sustainability goals.

Aside from the large monetary savings and quick ROI, the platform uncovered an intriguing machine behaviour while monitoring the energy consumption of their operations. This manufacturer was utilizing two identical machines to produce the same product. However, what caught the team’s attention was the significant disparity in electricity usage between these identical machines.

Mavarick’s energy management system identified that one of the machines was overdue a service and as a result, was using nearly 30% more electricity than its counterpart for completing the same process. The system’s ability to analyse the substantial variation in energy consumption has allowed this manufacturer to identify when a machine is in an abnormal state.


  • Factory weekly energy use reduced by 10.5% following initiatives
  • Established baseline of shop floor energy use
  • Identified energy use whilst not making product
  • Implemented a machine energy saving initiatives for each cell
  • Identified maintenance schedule for when machines are in an abnormal state
  • Reduced energy usage on one machine by 30%

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