Enhancing Manufacturing Product Traceability with Machine Monitoring and Reporting

Mavarick’s machine monitoring and reporting software enables a multinational orthopedic manufacturer to gain full product traceability, improving sub-contractor production monitoring and management, streamlining processes and strengthening supplier relationships.

Precise product traceability underpinned by accurate automatic data capture

  • Enhanced product traceability: gained complete visibility into the manufacturing process of sub-contracted orthopedic products
  • Improved data accuracy: eliminated errors and inconsistencies associated with manual reporting
  • Reduced reliance on excel: moved from manual spreadsheets to automated data collection for streamlined analysis
  • Strengthened customer relationships: promoted better communication and improved collaboration with sub-contractors

Automated reporting helping with supply chain management

“Mavarick’s automated reporting has streamlined our communications with one of our SME sub-contract manufacturer customers. This has greatly reduced needless conversations, improved reporting accuracy and helped control the management of our supply chain”

Production Planner, DePuy Synthes

Production monitoring reports were manual and often inaccurate

DePuy Synthes faced challenges in monitoring the production progress of their subcontractors, leading to limited product visibility and potential data inaccuracies. Manual reporting processes, particularly reliant upon Excel, were time consuming and inefficient. Simply not suited for their move towards a data driven supply chain.

No real-time reporting capability existed

Lack of real-time insights into the progress of product production across CNC and grinding machine operations was a hurdle in maintaining timely and accurate reporting. The lack of a reporting capability that was integrated into the sub-contractor’s machine monitoring system meant they had to rely upon a manual reporting process.

Identifying production delays and establishing product traceability an issue

There were two main challenges with no fit for purpose reporting system. Firstly, the inability to identify production delays early, causing remediation measures to be less effective. Secondly, it posed a challenge from a traceability perspective and the ability to trace each product through the production process, a key requirement in a heavily regulated industry.

Mavarick’s real-time reporting and production monitoring system

Mavarick’s software was installed to provide full product traceability:

  • Real-time reporting: enabled through real-time production tracking at a granular level, tracking each production step and product 
  • Automated reports: Automated reports delivered to production and commercial personnel to keep the right people informed at the right time, ensuring complete visibility and traceability
  • Integration with CNC and grinding machine monitoring: integration with the sub-contractors machine monitoring system was the key to unlocking real time and accurate data

Enhanced product traceability

DePuy Synthes gained complete visibility into the manufacturing processes and production of sub-contracted orthopedic products, enhancing regulatory compliance and product quality assurance.

Improved data accuracy

Real-time automatic data capture eliminated errors and inconsistencies associated with manual reporting improving the reliability of production reports and the ability to plan supply chain resources.

Reduced reliance on excel

The transition from manual Excel reporting to the automated Mavarick system streamlined workflows for both DePuy Synthes and their Sub-contract manufacturer, saving time and resources while eliminating the risk of manual data entry errors.

Strengthened customer relationships

Enhanced communication, data accuracy and transparency greatly improved the trust and collaboration with the subcontract manufacturer, strengthening the partnership and giving both parties the confidence to pursue new business.

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