Manufacturing – Is Bad Data Better Than No Data?

For many in the manufacturing industry the below headlines may be relatable.

“Manufacturing systems are still plagued by bad data”

“ERP value killer: poor data quality due to human error”

“MES Data Quality Issues May Be Undermining Your Business”

In reality, software systems much like human decision making, are only as good as the information which they were built with.

Too many manufacturers ignore the premise that bad data makes it is easy to have false confidence in wrong decisions. Whereas a lack of data often leads to more cautious decision making – at least you know you don’t have all the facts.

The quality of data leads to the quality of your decisions. What if poor decision-making wasn’t a poor decision in itself, but it was poor because the information it was based on was faulty? It makes you question a lot of past “poor” decisions. You can’t blame the people because they made the right decision based on the information they had. You can’t blame the system because it presented the information it was given.

At Mavarick, we have recognized this issue and provide a data driven solution to a data driven problem. We have developed advanced machine learning algorithms to detect data irregularities with no human input required. i.e. we quantify the quality of data.

These models minimize the impact of incorrect data entry, human error and contaminated data have upon your supply chain. Anomalies are automatically identified at source to ensure they are not propagated through the decision making process.

What does this mean? With DataMinfo you can not only transform the quality of your data but also the quality of decision taken.

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