Making the Business Case for Sustainable Manufacturing

Join us for a transformative session with Mavarick's Dr. Paul Byrnes and Koen Jasper. We're diving deep into the nexus of sustainability and profitability in manufacturing, unveiling how regulatory shifts are not just challenges but opportunities for innovation and leadership.
Date: March 8th
Time: 12 PM
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Making the Business Case for Sustainable Manufacturing

Transforming Sustainability into Competitive Advantage. Join us for a session with Maverick's founders, Paul Byrnes and Koen Jasper, as they delve into how sustainability can drive business value, manage carbon emissions effectively, and use emissions data to stand out in the market.


Our webinar, 'Making the Business Case for Sustainable Manufacturing,' will guide attendees through the evolving landscape of manufacturing, focusing on the shift towards mandatory sustainability reporting. We'll delve into how embracing sustainability can yield significant business benefits, including ROI from carbon management strategies.


What You'll Learn:


Challenges around managing carbon emissions in manufacturing operations

How can manufacturers make a business case and a ROI from carbon management?

Use cases on how other manufacturers are using emissions data to differentiate their market offering


Who Should Attend:


Manufacturing Executives and Sustainability Officers

EHS Officers

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Professionals

Operational and Facility Managers in the Manufacturing Sector

Anyone interested in the intersection of technology, sustainability, and manufacturing.


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