How to use an Energy Management System to Cut Costs and Win Business

The goal of saving the planet is noble (and necessary).   However, most manufacturers are more immediately concerned with saving money. If you’re looking to save on costs through energy management, ultimately you need to turn energy insights into cost savings.   Below we run through some specific examples of how to drive savings and win more […]

Energy Management Systems – A Complete Guide

Mavarick Energy Management System screenshot

An Energy Management System (EMS) is a set of tools that allow manufacturers to monitor, measure, analyse & control the consumption of energy within their machines, processes, or across the entirety of their site.   Manufacturers use EMS (sometimes referred to as “BEMS”, or Building Energy Management Systems“) to find ways to reduce their overall energy […]

Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Policy & Incentives

Manufacturing typically consumes 25-27% of a country’s total energy supplies. Because of this, governments provide energy efficiency incentives to promote adoption of green practices. However, incentive schemes can be difficult to understand. This article will help you understand and navigate energy efficiency policy & incentives for the manufacturing sector.  In this article we will cover:  […]

How to Find Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing: Buildings

The physical buildings that house your manufacturing operations can be sources of powerful energy savings. You can find low-hanging fruit for energy efficiency within your infrastructure. These can include the structures and materials that make up your buildings, as well as the processes you follow within them. We’ll explore low-hanging fruit below.  The most effective […]

What is an Energy Audit in Manufacturing?

An energy audit is a thorough and effective method for finding powerful energy efficiencies in your manufacturing operation.   Yes, there are things that you can do on your own, as a manufacturer, to find energy efficiencies. There are even things you can do that require no capital investment (see our Complete Guide to Energy Efficiency in […]

Uncovering hidden manufacturing potential: How to maximise efficiency with SEC

What is Specific Energy Consumption (SEC)? Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) is a metric used in manufacturing to measure the amount of energy consumed per unit of production output. It provides a quantitative assessment of how efficiently a manufacturing process utilises energy resources to produce goods. In simple terms, SEC helps answer the question: “How much […]